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Panasonic rechargeable shaver, 4-blade, multi-flexible active head.
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech Rechargeable Shaver, Sliver

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  1. Lostplanet says:

    This is the best elctric shaver I have ever used. My last one was Norelco. This one is very smooth and user friendly. The price is the only drawback in my mind. Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Jakester says:

    I regularly use a blade razor for the majority of my shave and then use an electric shaver to clean up the nooks, crannies, and tender spots. I mention this to let you know that I’ve been using an electric for years so I have a good basis for comparison. The 2 critical features of an electric shaver to evaluate, in my opinion, are closeness of the shave and ease of use. The closeness of the shave for this razor is fine, it’s as good or better than my current shavers, which are a Panasonic and a Braun (one for home and one for travel). Unfortunately, it’s not as close as a blade shave. I’ve yet to find an electric shaver that shaves as close as a blade and after testing this shaver, I’m still looking. I will say that it is very comfortable to shave with however. It’s quiet and smooth, no pulling of the whiskers. We’ll see what happens when the blades get dull but until then it’s completely painless to use. This applies to both the wet shaving and the dry shaving. I found no appreciable difference in the closeness of the shave between wet and dry. The ease of use is above average. The handle is comfortable and fits well in your hand. The lcd display is easy to read and has some good info and some useless info. It will tell you how much of a charge you have left and when it’s time to recharge (useful). It holds a charge for quite awhile. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and it’s still operating on the charge it came with. It will also tell you how much time used on the current shave (useless). The blade head of this shaver is huge. It’s about the size of a tangerine which makes it pretty useful for the big areas of your face but pretty unwieldy for the areas like under your nose and around your sideburns. There is a pop-up trimmer for sideburns that works well, although I have a tough time getting it to line up straight. Overall it’s a pretty good shaver but loses points for the size of the blade head and for the very high price. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pay that much for an electric razor. I wouldn’t recommend this unless it was about $200 cheaper.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Addition to my original review:

    It pays to read the instruction manual. Unlike prior electric shavers I’ve had, this one doesn’t need new parts very often–my Norelco for instance costs me about the same in new rotating shaver blade heads alone as my disposable cartridge blad shaver and requires a their own brand of shaving cream without option. In fact, according to the manual, I only need to replace the foil and blades once every year or two! So cost wise, this shaver is not only better but costs less in the long run.

    Also, once I became used to using this shaver it has been giving me shaves just as good as a razor but without all the problems. Even when I haven’t shaved a couple of days, it mows down the extra stubble.

    The is the first electric shaver that actually works as advertised, in fact better.

    Lastly, the sonic cleaning feature really works as well too. No special cleaners required; just put some hand soap on the foil and turn on the sonic clean under the tap; then open it up and do the same for the blades without adding soap–it comes out looking like it had been polished.

    The shaver even has indicators on its display for when it’s time to clean and when it’s time to replace the foil and such.

    BOTTOM LINE: Worth the money if you want an electric shaver that wont disappoint as others are prone to do.


    My original review:

    What I especially like as an American man who has suffered many electric shavers over the years that have come to me as Christmas gifts is the fact that this one allows me to use the same shaving cream I like using with my standard cartridge blade shaver instead of something specially made for the particular make and model.

    I realized it might spell the quick doom of this very expensive shaver to try it, but I just had to, so I used my shaving cream from The Body Shop rather than whatever might be recommended and the shaver did just fine. I drowned it in water with the shaver on and it didn’t break down. In short, I’ve given this shaver about as much abuse as I could and it just kept on going, a month later as well as it did on the first try.

    The durability of the parts has been outstanding as well, possibly because I was able to use shaving cream with it that protected face and shaver alike.

    As a guy-guy, a manly-man, I also like the cool gadget aspect, the scifi-esque design, the lights and indicators that tell you stuff that you really don’t bother looking at anyway but like because it’s “cool.”
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Kat says:

    I charged up the shaver and handed it to my husband. Delivered at 50% charge and only took 28 minutes to reach 100% charge. It’s useful to have the charge level indicator so you won’t unexpectedly run out of juice.

    Dry Shaving:

    He had an old electric Braun shaver. This Panasonic is much nicer. He gets a smoother shave and has no burning. I know, because I did the smooth comparison testing.

    Wet Shaving:

    Previously, he had only used an electric shaver for “dry” shaving. In fact, he didn’t know how to use an electric for wet shaving, so I searched the web and found a YouTube video. This isn’t his video, but he found it helpful: Amazon doesn’t allow URLs so go to YouTube & search “wet shaving with an electric Panasonic”.

    When he tried the shaver wet, it seemed to shave better, with no burning or chafing. The pivoting head works great to keep it from angling into his face too harshly. He used it with shaving cream and went back and forth and in a circular motion. He noticed this (and every other electric shaver he’s tried) seems to shave closer than a regular safety blade but doesn’t get every whisker.

    Even though he tilts, angles and goes in multiple directions, the shaver misses a few whiskers. Maybe he has odd whiskers that curl down so they don’t catch the shaver screen, I don’t know. All I know is that after a few days he gets a smattering of whiskers that definitely haven’t been shaved. It can easily be cleaned up with a blade razor, but who wants to double shave?

    He will mainly use this shaver when he can’t or doesn’t want to go through the lathering process for a blade razor (like weekends and on airplanes) or when he needs a touch up. It’s also nice that you can use this in the shower if you choose. If you have had good luck with other electric shavers, you will probably like this one.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. RSRCHB4UBY says:

    I go back and forth between regular razor blades and electric shaver. The electric shaver I used before Panasonic ES-LA63-S (LAMDASH) was Norelco 8891XL that I purchased a few years ago for about a hundred.

    I was impressed with Panasonic ES-LA63-S as it provides an excellent shave. I enjoy the floating head very much, and I noticed that after using Panasonic I had less irritation on my neck than after using Norelco. Wet/dry shaving is a nice feature, but I use electric razors for dry shaving only.

    Panasonic ES-LA63-S is quite a bit larger than Norelco but feels comfortable in hand. Unfortunatey, Panasonic ES-LA63-S did not come with a stand, which is a nice feature of Norelco.

    Overall, the high price of the shaver and replacement blades and screens makes it a just OK value. At the current price, it is three times pricier than my old Norelco, but the quality of shave is not three times higher.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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