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The well-groomed man has a lot going for him, especially this beard and mustache trimmer from Remington. Designed to clean up even the most unruly facial hair, it delivers peak performance with nine length settings and a pop-up detail trimmer. Three-year warranty. Model MB300.
Remington Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

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  1. Ed says:

    This is my second Remington trimmer and it works as good as the first one and that one lasted over 8 years. Actually it still works but it just got too dull and I couldn’t find a new head for it. I also own a Remington shaver and it’s my 4th one. If you want quality, buy Remington!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This is the first mustache and beard trimmer I have ever used, and I must say that I am mightily impressed! The beard trimmer has an easy to use scrolling wheel that allows for 9 different trim levels, and I am able to smoothly shift from one level to the next without any hassle. I have not had a single hair be pulled while trimming, it works as advertised, cutting cleanly and uniformly, which is just what I was looking for.

    The mustache trimmer is perfect and allows a very precise trimming all around the edges, around the lips and on the sides. Once I am done it looks just as good as if a professional barber has done it, and I cannot take credit for it, I owe it all to this practical device.

    The detail trimmer is great for that finishing touch, catching any loose or wild hairs that the primary trimmer may miss.

    A couple of neat features with this package is that it includes one brush for cleaning out hairs that get stuck in the trimmer, as well as a styling comb. Both work rather well.

    The grip of the unit is designed ergonomically so it fits naturally in one’s hand, and it’s light enough to operate without feeling cumbersome yet strong enough material to last for a long time.

    The charge lasts for several days, but the cool thing about this unit is that it can be operated while plugged in or on batteries while most other trimmers only allow one or the other.

    I highly recommend this to anyone looking for just the right beard and mustache trimmer.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Donald Smith says:

    I bought the predecessor to this beard trimmer more than three years ago, and loved it. After carelessly dropping my old one I broke it, and am back for another.


    * Scrolling wheel height adjustment.

    —-> A very nice feature, the height holds well, unlike some trimmers. You can use pressure against your face and it won’t retreat to a shorter height setting that creates a thin spot.

    —-> After only two or three times, you will know how high you want it. For example, I always trim my beard on a “6″ and my mustache on a “4″

    * Removable head to trim beard edges.

    * Strong motor/ blades provide pain-free trim.

    * Holds its charge for a long time. (I charge it full before I travel, and don’t even bother packing the charger, because I trust it to function the whole week.)

    * Shaver head lifts easily to remove stray hair that gets into the motor area.

    * Cordless -> To avoid having to clean the bathroom after a big trim, (If I didn’t trim for a week or so) I will take it in the back yard and set it 1 setting higher (“7″ instead of “6″). Then I give it a quick hit to get rid of the long hair, and then return to the bathroom to finish the detail work.


    * It will need a place to lay flat, or a pouch to hang in. It doesn’t stand on end, and the charger unit plugs into the base (at the bottom end of the demo picture).

    * I did mention I broke my old one. I had removed the height guard, and was emptying the hair from under the shaver head. The pivot is plastic, and while I had it open, I dropped the shaver. It landed head down (of course) and the pivot broke. Totally user error, but it is a weak spot.


    Final Thoughts:

    I love this thing. It provides a quick clean trim. I would say that it usually takes no less than 3 minutes for a quick trim, maybe as long as 8-10 minutes if I am going to detail the edges after a month of quick trims.

    I highlighted some cons for a fair review, but I have nothing against this razor. It trimmed well for three years, and was still holding a charge for weeks when I broke it.

    (I liked it even more after trying the Remington PG350 Precision Deluxe Rechargeable Personal Grooming Kit. I bought that quick because I needed a trim, and it confirmed how well this razor worked, and shaped my thoughts for this review. To compare to a bad item, check my review of that item.)
    Rating: 5 / 5

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